Brexit: What’s the Plan?

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Following the chaos of last week’s referendum on EU membership, I have been horrified by the apparent lack of contingency planning.  It is staggering to realise that neither the government, not the Brexiters seem to have done anything to produce a coherent programme for implementing a “leave” outcome.  It appeared to be the same with the Scottish referendum. The Prime Minister only got away with that deficiency because the result happened to go his way – but then like now, it was too close to call. This time, his luck ran out – he gambled again, and lost.

There is nothing party-political in this view. This is a scenario that any business person would understand – that where the result of taking a risk could have enormous consequences, such as a divided country, it is wise to hedge if possible; and always to draw up contingency plans for the outcome you were not hoping for.   To do neither is not calculated risk-taking – it is recklessness.

The result was followed immediately by the start of a disintegration of the political establishment that comprises both major parties, not to mention the structure of the entire United Kingdom. Having plunged the country into turmoil, our leaders seem to be throwing up their hands and running around in circles like headless chickens.

The people in this country, like the people in any company, need decisive leadership during uncertain times, and very clear and consistent messages about the direction of travel.  Who is communicating a clear vision for the future, and the pathway to take us there? Where are the statesman-like speeches needed to rally the nation around the new reality?  What’s the Plan?   Even Baldrick understood the need for a plan!!